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Friday, 11 January 2013

Blizzard on the Prairies!

Let's talk about the weather... kind of a perfect day to talk about the weather in Winnipeg!  We are currently experiencing a winter blizzard in our beautiful city.  This type of extreme/severe weather is interesting to us because we have been learning about weather in Theme Studies for the last little while.  

Yesterday we heard a weather lore "Pink sky at night, Sailors delight. Red sky in the morning, Sailors take warning."  This means that if there is a beautiful sunset, the next day will be a nice and clear day.  If there is a beautiful sunrise this means that a storm is on it's way.  Yesterday morning, we had an absolutely beautiful sunrise, the entire sky was red, orange and pink.  We also heard weather forecasts that there was a blizzard on the way.  SO, the sunrise and the blizzard made the weather lore accurate for today's forecast.

Sunrise over Brooklands

The past few days has been mild, warmer weather.  Now a cold air mass is moving in from the west.  A cold air mass means that cold air is pushing the warm air up.  As the warm air rises, this will create cloudy, stormy skies.  We can expect precipitation in the form of SNOW!  We will probably get LOTS of snow.  When a blizzard hits we can expect a drop in temperatures - it's going to be cold!  The wind is going to increase and we can expect to hear the wind howling!  The strong winds will be blowing snow and cause it to be harder to see.  This will make driving difficult. 

When the weather is like this we want to stay inside!  As a result we are having indoor recess.  We are going to stay cozy throughout the day.  Hopefully everyone gets home safely and has a cozy evening.  On the Prairies, we can expect blizzards from time to time BUT we NEVER get a snow day in the city!!!  This kind of severe weather is just normal to Canadians! 

Written as shared writing by Room 16 and Ms Blacker


  1. I'm glad that Room 16 and Ms. Blacker are keeping warm today! I live in the country and the weather is SO nasty and blustery that I couldn't drive to work and my kids couldn't go to school!!

  2. Hey Jenny, Will and Bailey... we hope you enjoy your 'snow day'! What are you going to do today? Will you play outside? We're REALLY jealous that you get a snow day in the country! That just doesn't happen here! We live so close to our school that most of us walk here every day - no reason for us to stay home! We hope to hear back from you!

  3. Hi Ms Blacker I learned a lot about weather it`s so much fun learning.

    Your the best teacher ever!! :D